Cream Charger Craze!

This one i like to call cream charger craze. cream chargers are just not useful when making desserts you can also make nice hot beverages in the picture above you can see how they are used to be added in a drink!

you can use them at all times in all sorts of mixtures or unique creations that you make as you go along the way also the gas from the charger gives the cream a nice smooth outburst when applying on substance.

here below you can see there is a step by step on how to use your cream charger:

Step 1


Fill the bottom of the NOS dispenser with fresh whipping cream.

Step 2

Insert cream charger of choice in to the charger chamber.


Step 3

Screw tightly until you can here the nitrous oxide being released in to the rest of the chamber.


Step 4

Shake the cream dispenser vigorously.


Step 5

Dispense cream and enjoy.


Desserts Made With Cream Chargers

Desserts Desserts Desserts          We either Love them or Hate them 😀

Make a wide variety of desserts with the cream charger dispenser.. There’s all sorts of desserts that you can make from scratch and top them off with the whipped cream 🙂 examples below show what you can use your cream charger on.


6912149-berries-strawberries-whipped-cream-dessert Banana cream layered dessert  stabilized-whipped-cream-4

These are just examples, but imagine what funky ideas you could have in store when creating your own unique desserts and topping them off nicely with your own ideas when applying the cream mixture.

Life’s about experimenting and taking risks.. Take one with a cream charger and see what you can design 🙂

Cheap Affordable Cream Chargers

Cream Chargers ManchesterFor cheap affordable prices the speedy whipped cream chargers help give a sensational feeling for all occasions packed with excitement and outbursts of flavours to choose from.

Inside the whipped cream when the substances combine nitrous oxide gas. They mix under pressure then nitrous oxide permeates the cream, dissolving into the milk fat.

To release the substance you do this by pressing a button and then the mixture of the cream and gas instantly shoot out in a foam essence.


Make delicious desserts or add some whipped cream to your hot beverages. For all your needs the cream chargers become very useful if its making cupcakes or hot chocolates and other various food dishes 🙂

When using a cream charger here’s an example on how to use one with a cream dispenser for more information you can have a look at the video below 🙂


Why Is Nitrous Oxide Used In Whipped Cream?

First, what is whipped cream? Whipped cream is heavy cream that has been whipped (with a whisk) until it becomes light and fluffy. Heavy cream contains at least 36% milkfat. When whipped, the fat forms a foamy structure that holds tiny pockets of air. The food scientists call these “fat-stabilized air bubbles” (check out the pictures). Cream whipped by hand becomes twice the volume of the original liquid.

Inside the whipped cream can heavy cream and nitrous oxide gas mix under pressure. The nitrous oxide permeates the cream, dissolving into the milk fat. When you press the button, the back pressure first shoots the nitrous+cream mix out of the can. Once out of the can the pressure keeping the nitrous dissolved is gone and the nitrous comes boiling out of the cream and in so doing foams it. The boiling is such that the volume of foamed cream is four times the original volume of liquid cream. This is why nitrous foamed cream is lighter than hand whipped cream.

You could make a whipped cream dispenser using a different gas but it would just spray an ooze of thickened milk. This is what you see at the very end of a whipped cream can when the nitrous is gone. Without the nitrous boiling out of the cream, it is just a thick sludge. Similarly, if you were to use a less fatty cream (1/2&1/2 (15% fat) or whole milk (3% fat)) there would be less nitrous dissolved and therefore a less foamy result.

Nitrous Oxide is also bacteriostatic — it stops bacteria from growing (perhaps because it permeates their tissues as well). This allows the canned whipping cream to last longer in the fridge.

Ps: Cool Whip is not whipped cream. It has less than 2% dairy in it. Gross. Stop eating that!

How to use a cream whipper despencer

Did you just get a new cream whipper? You want to impress your friends and family with gorgeous cakes, picture perfect hot chocolates, and rich fluffy cream and strawberries. But can’t figure out how to work the things! No fear brave bakers. Just follow these simple steps to using a cream whipper.

1. Get to know the parts of your whipped cream dispenser

Your cream whipper is made up of a bottle, a screw on headpiece, and pipping tip. Wash these throughly before use. You may need to buy the cream charger (nitrous oxide bulb) separate.

2. Insert the cream charger (cream cartridge/nitrous oxide bulb)

The cream charger goes into the cartridge holder which is opposite the handle. This piece screws off and the bulb fits perfectly inside. The round end goes in first as the tip will be punctured when screwed back on. This releases the gas into the cream to produce the whipped effect. You will need to replace your cream charger after every use, as typically they only hold enough nitrous to produce 1 liter of cream.

3. Add your cream

Pour your cream into the bottle. How much cream you pour in depends on what size cream dispenser you purchased. For this we will say 1 pint of cream and 2 tablespoons of confectioner’s sugar. At this time also add and flavouring syrup or vanilla extract.

4. Put it all together

Place the headpiece on the bottle and tighten. Also replace the cartridge holder on the headpiece and tighten quickly so that no gas escapes.

5. Shake Shake Shake

Now the best part. Shake the bottle so that the cream and sugar can mix, usually for 1-2 minutes. Now turn the cream whipper vertically and squeeze the handle. Immediatly fluffy whipped cream will be produced to garnish your favourite cakes, fruits, and coffee’s.

Cream Chargers in Manchester

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