Cream Charger Craze!

This one i like to call cream charger craze. cream chargers are just not useful when making desserts you can also make nice hot beverages in the picture above you can see how they are used to be added in a drink!

you can use them at all times in all sorts of mixtures or unique creations that you make as you go along the way also the gas from the charger gives the cream a nice smooth outburst when applying on substance.

here below you can see there is a step by step on how to use your cream charger:

Step 1


Fill the bottom of the NOS dispenser with fresh whipping cream.

Step 2

Insert cream charger of choice in to the charger chamber.


Step 3

Screw tightly until you can here the nitrous oxide being released in to the rest of the chamber.


Step 4

Shake the cream dispenser vigorously.


Step 5

Dispense cream and enjoy.