Cream Whippers and Cream Chargers

Cream whippers are used in conjunction with nitrous oxide (N2O) cream chargers primarily to rapidly aerate cream. However, the uses and benefits of cream whippers and cream chargers go far beyond this. In a nutshell, cream whippers/chargers offer a variety of uses and are limited only by the bounds of your imagination!

Healthier Crisp Taste

Instead of cream chargers, you can use stabilisers like gelatine or agar to quickly achieve the texture of whipped cream. However, these stabilisers are high in fat and affect the quality and taste of the finished product. Using nitrous oxide, you can steer clear from the calories and better preserve the taste of your culinary creations.

Preservative Action

Cream whippers comprise airtight cannisters and closed systems which also chill products instantly. The effect of chilling is that is preserves consistency and quality of products contained within the airtight cannister. Even the most delicate of food products, which contains eggs or dairy, can be preserved for longer than usual in this way.

Various Culinary Uses

Cream whippers can be used with nitrous oxide (N2O) cream chargers to aerate all manner of foods and beverages. These range from sauces for savoury dishes such as pasta to a whole host of desserts. The benefit of aerating food products is that air alters their consistency, can improve the eating and aesthetic experience and even improve flavour.

Nitrous Oxide and the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016

In 1772, James Priestly discovered the colourless gas that is nitrous oxide (N2O). In the years following its discovery, its anaesthetic effects were promptly realised. Since then, it has been used with oxygen for pain relief. Alternatively, nitrous oxide is known as ‘laughing gas,’ due to the euphoric sensations it can elicit upon consumption by inhalation.

In recent years, the inhalation of nitrous oxide for its psychoactive properties and use as a recreational drug has become increasingly popular. Recreational users often crudely pierce nitrous oxide cartridges, widely available in the form of cream chargers for cream whippers. The gas from the cartridge is then captured in a balloon, from which it is then inhaled by the user.

However, with the increasing prevalence of the use of nitrous oxide as a recreational drug, health and safety issues have arisen. Piercing a cannister containing pressurised gas, in the improper way, can cause serious injury. Furthermore, repeated exposure to nitrous oxide can lead to vitamin B-12 deficiency or anaemia, which could cause pose serious health risks.

According to the 2016 Psychoactive Substances Act, the use, sale and distribution of nitrous oxide for its psychoactive properties is illegal. However, exemptions to the law cover cream whippers and cream chargers.

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