How to use a cream whipper despencer

Did you just get a new cream whipper? You want to impress your friends and family with gorgeous cakes, picture perfect hot chocolates, and rich fluffy cream and strawberries. But can’t figure out how to work the things! No fear brave bakers. Just follow these simple steps to using a cream whipper.

1. Get to know the parts of your whipped cream dispenser

Your cream whipper is made up of a bottle, a screw on headpiece, and pipping tip. Wash these throughly before use. You may need to buy the cream charger (nitrous oxide bulb) separate.

2. Insert the cream charger (cream cartridge/nitrous oxide bulb)

The cream charger goes into the cartridge holder which is opposite the handle. This piece screws off and the bulb fits perfectly inside. The round end goes in first as the tip will be punctured when screwed back on. This releases the gas into the cream to produce the whipped effect. You will need to replace your cream charger after every use, as typically they only hold enough nitrous to produce 1 liter of cream.

3. Add your cream

Pour your cream into the bottle. How much cream you pour in depends on what size cream dispenser you purchased. For this we will say 1 pint of cream and 2 tablespoons of confectioner’s sugar. At this time also add and flavouring syrup or vanilla extract.

4. Put it all together

Place the headpiece on the bottle and tighten. Also replace the cartridge holder on the headpiece and tighten quickly so that no gas escapes.

5. Shake Shake Shake

Now the best part. Shake the bottle so that the cream and sugar can mix, usually for 1-2 minutes. Now turn the cream whipper vertically and squeeze the handle. Immediatly fluffy whipped cream will be produced to garnish your favourite cakes, fruits, and coffee’s.